Going Green

Product Information

We are excited to announce that we have made the transition over to organic ingredients and our jellies taste even more amazing than before!

Along with the recent organic switch, check out the new tweaks Ryan has made:

-Roasted Red Pepper Chardonnay has twice the spice

-Dark Chocolate Cab now has a touch of black cherry puree

-Pear Pinot Grigio has fresh vanilla bean, cardamom, and a hint of brown sugar

He’s also added a new flavor, a savory Tomato Basil Table Red.  Be sure to find us around town to try it out!

Although we’ve changed almost all of our jellies over to organic sources, we are still working on the Peach White Zin.  The peaches and wine are not organic, but all of the remaining ingredients are.  We’ll keep you posted as we work on that one.