Atlanta Underground Market Brunch Edition – Sneak Peek

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I love corned beef hash.

I mean, *really* love it.

So when we found out Michaela was hosting an AUM brunch edition, I knew whatever I was doing, was going to involve some sort of hash.

After lots of recipe searching, I finally decided to stick with a bologna and turnip hash with turnip greens and a fried egg on top.

turnip bologna hash

Then instead of following my recipe, I decided to make a wine sauce to put on top.

I at first wanted to make a Blood Orange and Prosecco  sauce, but my mom said it was way too expensive.

So then I decided on using a very citrus tasting Sangria instead.

It was good, though it just needed another element (or two).

We experimented and were doing some trial and error when we found the perfect mix.

We decided to add in white balsamic and olive oil, plus some white pepper.

And it came out awesome!!


The other thing we are doing for the AUM is a Bleu Bacon Twist.

bleu bacon pretzel twistMy mom came up with this one when she was walking down the aisle in Aldi when she happened to look upon a big container of pretzel rods.

In to her head popped an idea to take a piece of bacon and wrap a pretzel rod in it, then take a piece of croissant roll dough and slather it with my Tomato Basil Table Red wine jelly, then put Bleu cheese on the croissant roll dough, finally, take the pretzel rod and wrap it in the croissant roll dough.

I ate the first one as fast as I could and asked for more. (And I don’t eat Bleu cheese)

But she had only made one to try out. :(

When she said she’ll make some for dinner I told her she better make me a whole can. :p

So that’s what we are making for the AUM.

If you do not know what the Atlanta Underground Market is, then click here for more info. The AUM is basically a big foodie club where you pay $5 to get in and taste lots of different foods that are fresh prepared the day before or that morning.