We are often asked, “what is a wine spread?”  Wine spreads are just that, spreads that are made from wine.  We combine the rich flavor of wine with a variety of fruits, spices, herbs, and even chocolate.  Our spreads are made in a soft jelly form, and can be used as a jelly, glaze, sauce, marinade, and more.  The possibilities are endless!

What makes us different?

When Saucy first began, we used the cheapest ingredients available, so we could maximize our profits.  Through meeting local farmers and other vendors, we began to learn about all natural and organic foods and the impact that buying local has on the economy.  Not only did this change our business plan, it has completely changed our whole lives!  Now we strive to use only all natural and sustainable ingredients, and we source as much as possible from small, local farmers.  Fresh ingredients, harvested at the peak of the season give our spreads an amazing taste like no other.  And of course, we can’t forget to mention the love that goes into each batch. When you really enjoy what you do, people can taste it with each and every bite.

About us

ryan web

While Saucy may be a family operated business, the original “jelly man” is actually Ryan, the youngest member of the team. At a young 12 years old, he has been creating and selling wine based spreads since the summer of 2010.   He’s quite the expert on the jelly making process, and will gladly tell you all about it if you ask.  He’s at all of the events and festivals, serving samples and giving out recipe advice.

Ryan has a love for all things food and enjoys sharing that love with those around him.  He is currently working on publishing a small business guide for young entrepreneurs such as himself.   When he isn’t at school or working, Ryan enjoys reading classic novels such as Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe.



Tiffany and Kenneth live in Lawrenceville with Ryan and his five younger siblings. Tiffany and Kenneth manage Saucy behind the scene, handling the purchasing, marketing, and event scheduling.  They are currently working on forming a nonprofit organization specifically to support and advocate for small artisan producers. Tiffany can also be found rambling on about life as a mother and entrepreneur on her blog, The Bizy Mommy.